Welcome to my world of Pebble Heaven Photography, and thank you so much for taking the time to have a little peek at my site. 

I hope you love what you see.

Who's the Photographer behind the Lens?

I began my photography business back in in 2007, and it's been an amazing journey so far to this point.  At College, I had the privilege of being taught by one of London's leading wedding photographers, and every year since then I continue to learn , attending numerous courses, striving to improve.  I'm very proud of how far this journey has taken me so far, and am still truly excited to see where my passion will take me next.  

I'm a bubbly and enthusiastic individual, who loves to see and capture the beauty in absolutely everyone, naturally making people feel at ease with me.  The greatest skill I could ever wish for, is the ability to be able to feel a relationship, almost like a sixth sense, and not only feel it - but see it through my own very eyes.  Then through my lens, capture those moments, those priceless emotions,  those touching moments between you and your favourite people, that would otherwise become distant memories.  To see beyond an image, and to capture your soul and personality is all I can wish for.

Each and every one of you that I capture, finds a little place inside my own heart.  I see your love and emotions, I feel your insecurities, I watch your happiness and your heartache, and I watch you bloom!  I become a part of your lives , and we begin a journey where we truly become friends.  I'm never 'just' your photographer - I put my whole heart and soul into what is essentially my work.

'The most beautiful things in life

cannot be seen or even touched, they are felt by the heart'

That to me is the most beautiful saying, and it's those feelings that I love to capture, those little adoring glances, that hilarious roar of laughter, or that special tight squeeze of a hug. I absolutely love what I do and I hope you feel that this shows through my work.   I truly hope you love what you see xxx


So this is the real me.... Pebble Milo.  I'm wife to the most loveliest guy, Brad, and Mum to two amazing young ladies, Alex and Evie, and we all live with our slightly crazy big bear of a Golden Retriever; Harry   They are all my absolute world.  I hope these photos will give you an insight into the real me.

So I'm on the right side of my 40's!!!  Many ask where my name comes from.......so i'll try to explain!!  My parents say: "When the sea is at its strongest, only a few things are able to survive, one of which would be a pebble, and after entering the rough waters, would actually come out smoother and rounder than when it went in." You guessed it - I was a 70's child!!!    Heaven was actually my surname too, before I married my lovely hubster and became a Milo.

So, what do I enjoy?  I have a passion for music, with a real varied taste, and love my live concerts and festivals.  I'd say I LOVE to dance, like really love to dance.  I play the piano ( a little bit) and you'll always find me singing along to a decent tune (get your earplugs ready, I didn't say it was in tune!).  I love spending time with my family and friends, and love going out for days, there's always an adventure to be had.  I love nothing better than throwing stones into the sea at Brighton, or hopping on the train to London, and seeing where the day takes us, or should I say follow Brad, as he always has the most amazing ideas of where to go.   I love a visit to a farm or a zoo, actually anything that involves an encounter with an animal will get my heart swooning.  I love a bit of gardening, when I can find the time ( am I now sounding boring??).   I love my food ( who needed a size 10 butt anyway haha), eating out with a glass of wine or two, or a cheeky little breakfast at the local cafe , mmm!  Having said that, I also love to snuggle up on the sofa under my snuggly blanket, with my 10 layers of clothing on, the open fire burning with a nice glass of wine having a cosy bit of family time.  

I'm based just off Warlingham Green, in Surrey, and absolutely love where we live in our cute little house.  But of course, i'm more than happy to travel to wherever our adventure takes us.  I hope that gives you an insight of who I am, and that you enjoy looking through my site.  I really do look forward to having a chat with you in the not so distant future.

Big Hugs,

Pebble xxx (or Pebs as my family and friends call me)

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