Live, Love & Laugh – Ali’s family Shoot

I loved loved loved this shoot!! Ali, is a dear friend of mine, and as ladies go….. she’s a pretty lovely one!!  One of those individuals who’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out, and has the loveliest of sparkles about her, even when times have gotten a little tough for this lady, that smile never leaves her face!! One of lifes true diamonds!!

So, Ali asked if we could get a few images, and showed me some shots that another friend had had taken.  Always a tricky one, trying to acheive what another photographer already has, because every photographer has their own unique stlye, and to be true to ourselves we have to do it our own way, we’re a stubborn bunch!! 🙂 But, I had a good idea of the kind of feel Ali wanted to acheive!

Have a little peek, we kept the kids focused with a few bribes, well actually quite a lot of bribes, and a few funky props, but they were brilliant……..


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