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Claire & Jamie’s beautiful Winter Wedding at Wooton House

I was delighted when Claire & Jamie asked me to photograph their wedding, as I’d met them both a couple of years back when I photographed Claire’s brother’s wedding, so it was lovely to be back with her family again.  And even more delighted to find out that the wedding was to be held at Wooton House, in Dorking, Surrey.  A Country House Hotel, with stunning architecture, which boasts a Roman style temple and an old Library which feels like you’re in a chapel at a church.

Claire & Jamie both got ready at the hotel, which makes it so so easy on the day.  The ceremony was held in The Old Library, which was a stunning chapel, lowly light with purple uplighters into the arches and twinkle lights surrounding all the pillars, the effect was gorgeous.  That teamed with some really personal words from the registra made a beautiful ceremony.

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We were running over time at this stage, as Claire was a little late for her ceremony (but hey, if you can’t be fashionably late for your ceremony, when can you be!?)  So off out into the cold December weather we went, working incredibly fast to ensure we covered what we needed before the sun started to disappear, and trust me, it was disappearing very fast indeed!!  Claire and Jamie were both lovely to photograph, very relaxed, and it helped that they’re both incredibly gorgeous too!!!  If only I had more time, as there were a million more places I could have taken them within these stunning grounds.   Have a little look, I loved capturing these guys……


Great shots, and everyone was a pleasure to organise.  So, back into the warm we all went, and the wine started flowing and the giggles to begin, and the guests became naughtier! ha!!


And the party got off the ground…..


Claire and Jamie, thank you so much for letting me share your day with you, you’re a fantastic couple.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and sincerely hope that we stay in touch now that there’s no more weddings in the family.

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