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Georgie & Kevins wedding at the Warren

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

I loved this wedding, full of really gorgeous characters!  Georgie got ready at her Mum and Dads house, all lovely and calm.  I do have to give a special mention to Georgies parents, purely for the fact that they were still completely in love with each other, so good to see it!!  Then onto the All Saint Church in Warlingham to tie the knot.  Once again, my most favourite chauffeur company was with us, Shirley Chauffeurs, seriously check them out, they provide a real top class service….

The rain really wanted to make an appearance on their day, but, hats off to it, as it only started at times when it didn’t matter.  We’d literally just finished taking our pictures outside the church, and it started to rain just as Georgie was about to go into the church….. result!! :-) It was a lovely service, I wasn’t allowed to take images during the ceremony, but still managed to capture a couple of crackers coming up and down the aisle.

As we came out it was still raining, so with the help from Chris our Chauffeur who was at the ready with his large umberella, everyone stayed dry, and by the time we arrived at the venue, the rain had stopped!! Couldn’t have been luckier!  However, the skies were grey and we all had that feeling that I could have poured down at any moment!

The reception was held at The Warren, based in Hayes in Kent, it’s a fantastic venue.  Its actually the home of the sports and social club for the metropolitan police, but it’s a beautiful country house set in acres of land.

Have a little look through these gorgeous images, it was a real pleasure looking through and choosing them…….





A truly brilliant wedding!  And so I am told, that our groom enjoyed it so much he had to be carried to his room unconscious at the end of night!! HAHA! hilarious!

It was lovely spending the day with you all, do keep in touch.

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Take care,

Pebble xx


Rachel & Jonathan get wed on a Snowy day in April…. What???

Monday, May 13th, 2013

So, here we are in the beginning of April, when the daffodils should be in bloom, and temperatures beginning to warm up – but no!!!  Not at all!!!  We were met with freek snow, and the type of snow that was wet and and sleety, and boy was it cold! If it’s going to snow at a wedding, you want it to snow properly or just not at all!!  Having said all this and getting my moans out of the way (photographers are just never happy with the weather conditions!!), my bride and groom were absolutely fabulous.  They were both determined to use the amazing grounds of their chosen venue, Woldingham school, a stunning Mansion set in the Surrey countryside.

Despite the weather, this was such a fantastic wedding.  Rachel started to get ready at her Mums house, and then moved onto the school to complete the Bridal preparations.  Pink, pink, pink and lots more pink!! Girls just can’t have enough pink!  Rachel was horrendously late for the ceremony, and in such a calm fashion! ha! I’ve never met a bride that was sooooooo calm about the fact that time was just ticking away! :-)

Their ceremony was held in the grounds, in the Catholic Chapel.  I love it when everything is all under one roof, no travelling in between, just pure bliss for photographers and guests alike!

Inside for a theme with  a real difference, full of Love Hearts, and goldfish!  Goldfish, ha…. i’ve never seen such quirky centre pieces.  They were then given to guests to take home as pets after… cute!  The stunning flowers were provided by  Emma, has covered the floristry at quite a few of my weddings now, and her work never fails to be anything less than amazing!

In my eyes what makes a wedding amazing  – is the people.  Yes of course, it helps that the venue was just stunning, and that my lovely couple were simply just gorgeous, but, it’s definately the people that makes a day like this so special.  Rachel and Jonathan were surrounded by such lovely people, really close families who clearly cared about each other, and just hillarious friends!!

Have a little look for yourselves, and see just how superb this wedding actually was……











Just such a wonderful day!!! Jonathan & Rachel, I wish you all the happiness in the world together.  Make sure you keep in touch.

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Thanks for taking the time to read….

Take care, Pebble xx




Sarah & Brad tie the knot at the Coulsdon Manor

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I first met Sarah & Brad at a wedding fair, along with their parents, and I instantly warmed to them, this was a wedding that I was looking forward to already!!!

Unusually, I firstly popped along to the groom preparations , as Brads parents were only 2 minutes away from the venue.  The guys were amazing, and just the youngest looking Mum, EVER!!!……


Then a short drive over to Coulsdon manor to the Bridal Preparations…………..


The girls were absolutely gorgeous, and the atmosphere was incredibly calm and relaxed.  So back in the car, and another short drive over to church, St John the Baptist in Purley this time , for a lovely ceremony……


So, back to the Coulsdon Manor.  I have to say, the characters of Sarah & Brad were brilliant, they both have an energy about them, that just makes everyone smile around them!!!  The guests chilled in the sunshine with their drinks, while we cracked on with our family shots…..


And of course, some of our gorgeous couple…..


Then inside into the lovely Blenheim suite, and the party was underway…..


So the room was being prepared for the evenings antics, and the light outside was begining to fade, so off we went for a few more cheeky shots……


And so the dancing started, and it didn’t stop…. love it! Such a great crowd, such great fun…..


Such a fantastic wedding, definately one of my favourties, purely because of the adorable characters!!!

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Take care Pebble xx

Lucy & Mike tie the knot at the Selsdon Park Hotel

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Now this was a wedding with some characters!! A wedding full of real heart felt laughter, some football chanting (massive, massive Palace fans!) and some amazing relationships with friends and family!  Thoroughly enjoyed this day, to be honest – I do enjoy all my days, but I did laugh a lot at this wedding!!!

Set at the Stunning Selsdon Park Hotel, in Croydon, great venue, back in July (i’m catching up with my blogging)….

Then a short drive off to  St Domonics Church in Waddon for a lovely service…..

Then back to the lovely Selsdon Park Hotel, for some family shots.  We didn’t have a huge amount of time, but we knew we could grab some more shots after the meal.  The sun was sooooo hot, poor Lucy actually ended up getting sunburnt! Note to summer brides – remember the suntan lotion :-) ………

Moving inside to enjoy the meal, and the laughter didn’t stop! Love it!  The colour scheme was fantastic, really bright and vibrant……

So, while the room gets prepared for the evenings fun, everyone spills out onto the terrace for some early evening chilling, and some more posing, although we did have 1 bright red sunburned shoulder and  a rather tipsy groom by this stage :-) …….

And so the evening fun begins……

An absolutely brilliant wedding that will definately stay close to my heart!!!

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Take care

Pebble xx


Amanda & Andrew Return from Down Under to tie the knot

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Back in July, Amanda & Andrew returned from Australia, to marry in the company of all their friends and family.  A wedding that had been totally organised by Amandas mum, she’d given her the type of ideas that she wanted, and her Mum cracked on with it, what a lovely lady!!

It was a gorgeous day, held at one of my favourite venues, Oaks Farm in Shirley, Surrey.  A perfect venue, with everything you ever need!

Bridal preparations were held at Amandas parents house……

I knew this was going to be such a gorgeous day,  I’d already spent the morning with some genuinly really lovely characters, with lots of laughter!  They were all so relaxed and so photogenic.  So it was no suprise, to arrive at Oaks Farm to find some more loveable guys!

As the friends and family were ushered in, we waited for the arrival of our gorgeous bride……

And then some images of our lovely lovely couple…. I could work with these 2 forever!!  The bond/relationship between them was fantastic…..

Then onto the reception, with lots of giggles while the wine flowed….

I love summer weddings,  the light just before the 1st dances is just simply beautiful.  It’s a fantastic time to take some more images, and often quite nice to capture people mingling, or to get some shots of your guests with their families……

And then onto the evenings shananigans!!!  A fantastic evening was underway within seconds!!!….

This is definately going to go down as one of my favourite weddings…. purely for the laughter and the loveable characters!!!

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Take care

Pebble xx