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Scott & Cheryl’s Rustic Themed Wedding at Farleigh

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Oh I could have easily added a trillion billion images to this blog, so many shots of such a fantastic wedding.   If i’m honest, I was a little nervous about shooting this wedding, as I wanted to do such a great job for these guys.  I’ve known Scott and his family for years, from my childhood, so it was a real personal pleasure to capture this wedding,  and I felt really honoured to have been asked!!   Plus, it was at the fabulous Farleigh, a super venue that’s dear to my heart, a venue that is so supportive of me, by recommending me on a regular basis, which i’m so grateful for!

So Our lovely Cheryl got ready at home, and considering how many bridesmaids she had, it was such a calm house, and of course if makes my job so easy when they’re all as gorgeous as these lovely ladies!!


With everyone ready and looking stunning, off I went to meet Scott at the church, All Saints in Sanderstead, Surrey.  Good to see you scrub up pretty darn well too Mr!!  Their vows were said, their rings exchanged, and with a lovely ceremony, their happily ever after was off too a flying start!



We arrived at the very brilliant Farleigh, which boasted an amazing rustic makeover.  There wasn’t a single thing that these guys hadn’t thought of!  Hats off to Sam Donovan I beleive, it’s certainly a huge bonus when your sister just so happens to be the wedding co-ordinator at your venue.


After chilling out in the gorgeous sunshine, with drinks, cookies, milkshakes, scones, we were ready to capture our posed photos.


Just lovely.  Off everyone ventured inside to start our gorgeous meal,  the food was delicious (rather fantastic bonus of my job i’d say, is that I get try out the food).  Farleigh has The Inked Chef on board, and his food is Delicious with a big fat capital D!!!  I love this time in the day, shooting from a distance, capturing the fun and laughter while guests mingle and chat at the tables.


Oh look! That last pic is me he he!  Gotta love a guest who steals my camera.  The speeches were great,  tears were certainly shed!!


So, the wedding breakfast came to a close, and everyone ventured outside, the sun was fading, and the funky lights came into action, which made for a lovely atmosphere for the guests, whilst they were entertained by the magician.


And the evening shenanigans were off, with the dancefloor packed, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less when they have the fabulous Dean DJ Elite to keep the music flowing!


Scott and Cheryl, I soooooo enjoyed capturing your wedding, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of your day.  Thanks to Farleigh for looking after me so well.

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Take care

Pebs xxxx












Tom & Kirsten’s Vintage Meadowcroft Festival Wedding at the Red Barn

Friday, January 30th, 2015

So, this was a wedding with a difference, a vintage festival wedding!!  It was so cute.  Kirsten had though of absolutely everything, from personalised festival wrist bands, to cd’s of their favourite music, there wasn’t anything they hadn’t thought about.  Tom & Kirsten married at St Johns Church in Old Coulsdon, a lovely ceremony with tea and home made cakes to follow.  Then off everyone travelled on the big red bus, to one of my favourite venues, The Red Barn, an extremely quirky barn, situated near Lingfield in Surrey.

Everyone gathered in the paddock, for drinks, games, and even a spot of cricket.  Such a relaxed atmosphere. Dinner was served inside the barn, and the evening entertainment was provided by Dad on the decs, a job very well done indeed!!     Take a look through the images, it was a fantastic day.









It was an absolute pleasure being with you all, and it’s been lovely looking through all your images again.  Keep in touch, and take good care of each other.

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Take care

Pebs xx

Leon & Alison’s colourful wedding at Dorton House

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Such a fantastic wedding!   Dorton House is a superb venue, set in Sevenoaks, and at the time was a school for blind children.  However, it was going through the process of being sold, and may not be a wedding venue anymore.  Really great building!  And to top it off, I had the lovliest of couples, who were surrounded by such great friends and families.

Both Leon and Alison got ready in rooms at the venue, so it made the day run so smoothly, no travelling whatsoever.

Back at the very end of March, the day was so so cold.  But their vibrant colour scheme made us feel like we were in some warm far away place.  Take a little look at how there day went……










Just the nicest wedding!!! :-) You make a really fantastic couple guys, really caring characters, who everybody seemed to think the world of.  I wish you all the luck and happiness the world can bring you.  Keep in touch xx

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Cheryl & Jonathan tie the knot at The Complete Angler, Marlow

Friday, May 10th, 2013

It had been possibly 21 years ago since I spoke to Cheryl, we used to go to the same school, so it was lovely when I got the email asking me to capture her wedding day!  Seriously chuffed.

I’m catching up on my blogging, as this wedding took place at the end of March, on a bitterly cold day, but the sun was shining!

Cheryl & Jonathan held there day at the Complete Angler, in Marlow Bucks, a gorgeous hotel situated on the banks of the River Thames.

Blog Collage-1368225942154

I love it when everything is all under one roof.  The bridal preparations were in full swing….


Cheryl was ever so calm, whilst all around her was crazyness… ha! Cheryl’s little lady Katie was keeping herself entertained using the trampoline bed!!  As long as the little’ns are happy…… anything to keep them happy!! :-)


Time for a few shots of our lovely groom Jonathan, before we heading back inside for the Cheryl to start getting in her dress….


Followed by a gorgeous ceremony………


Then outside into the crisp weather for some family shots.  And sometimes, we have a rather important 3 year old, who does not want to have her picture taken, and will not have her picture taken! Bless!!


Then some lovely shots, just the 2 of them.  But I found myself with a rather mischevious groom on my hands, I daren’t show you the pictures of what he was getting up to ;-)


Then back inside into the warm, we were absolutely frozen, and my lovely brides arms had actually turned blue!!! brrrrrrrr……..


As the room got ready for the evening, we was able to catch a few shots outside of their lovely guests……


And then on for the evenings shananigans, and a bit of serious gangnam style dancing – oh how I sometimes wish I was a videographer ;-) ……


Such a fantastic day!  Cheryl it was so lovely to see you again, and meet your wonderful husband, I know we’ll stay in touch.  I wish you all the happiness in the world xxx

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Androulla & Justin marry at Alexander House

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Still catching up with my blogging, this beautiful wedding took place back in July, at the stunning Alexander House near in East Grinstead.

Absolutely everything was held here, which I just love.  Such a lovely couple, Androulla had THE most amazing eyes… like EVER!!! Now, when someone tells me that they don’t like being in front of the camera, I know it’s going to be a bit more of a challenge. But Justin did soooo well, even thought he told me he never smiles for pictures, we got some absolute crackers.

The bridal preparations were held in one of the stunning suites……

Then a few cheeky shots of Justin, before their ceremony began….

After the ceremony, everyone strolled round to the gardens, for drinks, canapes and mingling, while we captured a few family shots… an absolutely wonderful bunch of characters….

And then for some shots of our gorgeous couple, and I really could have just taken pictures of Anroulla and Justin for the entire day, but we had a schedule to stick to …..

Summer weddings are fantastic, when guests are able to pour outide while the room is being prepared for the evening.  It’s a great chance to grab a few more cheeky shots, of both my lovely couple and guests chilling……

And then back inside for the evenings fun, filled with Greek dancing, absolutely brilliant to watch, the energy was fantastic…..

Such a suberb day, it’s weddings like this that make me feel like i’ve got the most fantastic job in the world, gorgeous characters and great venues!

I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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Take care

Pebble xxx


Amanda & Andrew Return from Down Under to tie the knot

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Back in July, Amanda & Andrew returned from Australia, to marry in the company of all their friends and family.  A wedding that had been totally organised by Amandas mum, she’d given her the type of ideas that she wanted, and her Mum cracked on with it, what a lovely lady!!

It was a gorgeous day, held at one of my favourite venues, Oaks Farm in Shirley, Surrey.  A perfect venue, with everything you ever need!

Bridal preparations were held at Amandas parents house……

I knew this was going to be such a gorgeous day,  I’d already spent the morning with some genuinly really lovely characters, with lots of laughter!  They were all so relaxed and so photogenic.  So it was no suprise, to arrive at Oaks Farm to find some more loveable guys!

As the friends and family were ushered in, we waited for the arrival of our gorgeous bride……

And then some images of our lovely lovely couple…. I could work with these 2 forever!!  The bond/relationship between them was fantastic…..

Then onto the reception, with lots of giggles while the wine flowed….

I love summer weddings,  the light just before the 1st dances is just simply beautiful.  It’s a fantastic time to take some more images, and often quite nice to capture people mingling, or to get some shots of your guests with their families……

And then onto the evenings shananigans!!!  A fantastic evening was underway within seconds!!!….

This is definately going to go down as one of my favourite weddings…. purely for the laughter and the loveable characters!!!

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Take care

Pebble xx

Chris & Stuart tie the knot at Bury Court Barn

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

This wedding was captured back in September, so forgive me for the delay in posting this blog, but i’m trying to have a major catch up!!! :-)

What a gorgeous venue!! Set in Farnham, Surrey, once a thriving hop farm, was transformed into an imaculate wedding venue back in 2002!  It has every a Bride and Groom could ever need.  Here’s a small selection of the images from the wedding…..

So, to capture the bridal preparations.  The most beautiful room, and Chris was an absolute pleasure to capture.  Just so natural, and at ease with the camera snapping away in the background.  The preparations were so calm, and the children were just so well behaved, gorgeous little characters…..

I love it went couples tell me that everthing is being held at the same venue, I almost give a little jump for joy!!    It gives me so much more time to capture the shots that I want to.  During the quieter moments of the preparations, I can normally pop into the see how the reception preparations are coming on.  These guys had put so much thought into their scheme, and I love their logo that they had designed……

And then to capture our lovely groom before the ceremony begins…..

The ceremony was lovely, and i’m totally enjoying photographing this wedding.  Stuart and Chris were so easy to capture, and the venue provided the perfect backdrop with the most amazing light flooding in…..

Rather unusually, Chris & Stuart had a welcome line-up, rather than your more traditional receiving line, which took place whilst guests enjoyed their welcoming drinks and canopes…..

So, time for some group shots, and a rather hillarious reaction when one of the ushers realised there was a tottenham garter involved….

And some shots of our very very gorgeous couple……

Then, time to relax and unwind with the reception.  I stay with you during your meal, dissapearing into the background, capturing the laughter and smiles amongst your guests…..

Then time for a couple of cheeky extras shots of our couple, before the evening fun begins……

I loved loved loved this wedding, and I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world guys.

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Take care, Pebble xx

Jacqui & Joe Marry at Coltsfold Mill

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Back in May 2012, I had the pleasure in photographing this gorgeous couples wedding.  What a lovely couple they were too, and I have to say 1 thing, Darn I wished I had this womens genes, because Jacqui was absolutely gorgeous (and Jo was too mind you!!).

Coltsford Mill is based in Oxted, Surrey, and actually has an old mill within the grounds and an immaculate Barn, definately one of my favourite wedding locations.

The ceremony was lovely, with readings from her Grandsons which brought a tear to everyones eyes.  I didn’t want to stop taking pictures of this lovely couple, and with Joe’s sense of humour…. I didn’t stop giggling all day!

If you love the flowers, have a chat with Shelley from Muscari Whites, her work is always amazing.

The Barn at Coltsford mill is just perfect for your meal, the light that floods in through the windows makes it very easy work for me…. I love it.  Jacqui and Joe were really creative and had some really quirky little ideas…… loved the table plan…. I want one!

Laughter…. the perfect recipe for a happy life!!!!

Summer weddings….. that early evening period when the the room is being turned around for the evenuing party… absolute favourite time of the day!!!  The light at this time of the day is just perfect in everyway possible, oh, and the fact that the wine has been flowing generally helps too! ;-)

Grandchildren…. you’ve gotta just love them!  Just like their Nanny, absolutely full of smiles and laughter!!  Amazing what amusement a little accessory like a hat can bring….

And then to complete a very very perfect day for 2 seriously adorable people, the first dance….. followed by some seriously funky moves to get the dancing going!  I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world guys xxxx

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Friday 13th……. definately lucky for this lovely couple!!!!!

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

When couples seem completely shy, I found out today…. that that’s not always the case!! hehe….. I had great fun with Sarah and Richard today!!

They chose to get married on this contraversial day as it was the day that they originally met!!!!  I must admit, when i’d seen what the weather was like, I thought….. uh oh….. Friday 13th…. it’s bound to pour it down!!!  But luck was definately in the air for this gorgeous couple, and the rain held off!!!

Bridal Preparations are always challenging with a little 2 year old running around,              but this little lady was more than happy, kept entertained by an iphone and a plate of fairy cakes!!!


After a lovely church service, Sarah and Richard held their reception at The Surrey National Golf Club in Chaldon, Surrey.  Brilliant venue, with some fantastic photographic opportunities.



Lovely to share your day with you and your lovely families.  I wish you all the happiness for a great future.



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