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A Gorgeous Christening for little Sonny

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

It was such a pleasure seeing this gorgeous family again.  I shot Sarah & Brads wedding last year, and was over the moon when Brads sister Kimberley, booked me to cover her little mans christening.  It was so so lovely seeing all the same faces from the wedding!  Great characters, and a family that are just amazingly close, and a family which know how to giggle with each other.  It’s a pleasure standing back and watching the closeness of these guys from behind my lens!

Little Sonny was Christened at St Barnabas Church in Coulsdon, and the vicar was just lovely, he had a superb manner about him.  Sonny enjoyed himself, and even looked like he wanted more water over him!! Bless!

Have a little look for yourselves, it was a lovely afternoon…..



Thanks for booking me guys, it was so lovely seeing you all again!!  Make sure you get your Mum to call me for that photoshoot, i’ll be looking forward to it!! xx

If you would like to find out more about coverage for your christening, please do give me a call.

Thanks for taking the time to read, take care

Pebble xx

Lots of Giggles at Leo’s 5th Birthday Party

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Its not often that I get the time to capture images for friends, but my lovely friends Nic’s son turned 5, bless him!! And I popped along to his party for an hour, to hear non-stop giggles.

Nic had hired a magician, Mr Marvels, who provided a fantastic bit of good ole’ fashioned slap stick entertainment, with punch and judy, magic tricks and bunny rabbits!!

Have a little look at these cracking images of 30 something 5 year olds, laughing hysterically!! Possibly one of the nicest sounds you can ever hear; kids giggling!!


I don’t know who enjoyed it more, the adults or the kids!!

If you would like to find out more information about booking me to capture your party, please do give me a call.

Thanks for reading,

Take care Pebble xx


Siennas Gorgeous Spring Baptism

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

That’s more like it!!! The sun was actually shining –  Boy did it make a difference having gorgeous weather!!

I don’t often get the chance to capture Baptisms, so it was lovely when little Siennas godfather to be, booked me, as his superb gift to his new little goddaughter!

The service was held at St Nicholas’ in South Ockenden, Essex, and then a short walk accross the green to The Royal Oak for the gathering after, the garden outside was just perfect for the weather.

Lisa & Wayne have such lovely friends and family, making it a really relaxed affair.  And I have to say, there were some absolutely stunning couples at this Baptism – a very glamorous affair!! :-)

Take a little look at a selection of the images…….




It was a pleasure meeting you all, and thanks for reading.  I hope our paths cross in the not so distant future.

Take care

Pebble xx


Georgies Treasure Hunt Photoshoot

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

So, what do we do when we have a little poppet, whose 3 years old, and certainly doesn’t want to stay still or have her picture taken???? Well, we simply just follow her, and join in with her adventure, which just so happened to be going on an adventure to find the missing Treasure Chest!!! :-) Well, I did kind of strike a deal with her, a tiny quick little pose (and I mean REALLY quick!!) in exchange for the next leg of her adventure!!!  Bless her little heart!!  All this while her little sister, decided it would be a good time to sleep!!!

Have a little look……..


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Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Take care Pebble xx

Gorgeous smiles amongst the bluebells

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

What a lovely little poppet this character was.  I captured these adorable images last spring, Vikki & Finley were an absolute pleasure to capture, and the spring colours were just amazing.  Thanks Vikki for putting so much energy into keeping your little ones attention xx


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Thanks for reading, Pebble xx

Cathy & Ians family Photoshoot

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I love a family photoshoot, out in the open, breathing the fresh air.  And i love it even more when I have a really gorgeous family to capture.

I’ve known Cathy and Ian for some time now, as our girls are in the same class at school, so it was lovely to be able to get some really beautiful images of some lovely friends.

I’ve loved looking through these images of you guys, looking all glowing after your holiday!




Such a beautiful shoot, you all looked so lovely xxx

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Take care

Pebble x

Little Malone got big!!!

Monday, February 18th, 2013

I first met Malone on her 1st birthday, and so 3 years on, little Malone’s growing up!!!

This photoshoot was taken back in September (Catching up with my blogging!!), and I love the images from this shoot!  Malone when she arrived, certainly wasn’t in the mood for posing.  But, this is what’s nice about my photoshoots, theres no rush.  I said, don’t worry, lets just go for a stroll.  So out come the bubbles, and we all begin to chill!

The key to any great photoshoot, is the amount of energy the parents put in, no one knows your child better, and no one can make your child giggle hysterically like you can.  Clair & Ricky were absolutely brilliant, running around, chasing, creeping up, great fun, and the pictures just prove that……..

If you would also like to capture some memories like these, check out for more information, hope to meet you soon.

Take care

Pebble x


James & Hollys gorgeous shoot with little Ralphie

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

It was so lovely to see these guys!!  James family are very dear to my heart, in my first year of photography, his lovely sister took a chance on me and booked me to capture her wedding!  Since then, i’ve photographed their other sister, and their Aunties weddings, so I feel like i’ve got to know them all really well now.  When James told me he’d had a baby, I couldn’t wait to be given the chance to capture the 3 of them.

We went to James and Hollys home, and although Ralphie didn’t want to play ball and give me a beaming smile, he was absolutely brilliant, have a little look……

It was lovely seeing you all.

If you would like to find out a little more about my family photoshoots, please visit for more information,

Take care, Pebble xx

Live, Love & Laugh – Ali’s family Shoot

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

I loved loved loved this shoot!! Ali, is a dear friend of mine, and as ladies go….. she’s a pretty lovely one!!  One of those individuals who’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out, and has the loveliest of sparkles about her, even when times have gotten a little tough for this lady, that smile never leaves her face!! One of lifes true diamonds!!

So, Ali asked if we could get a few images, and showed me some shots that another friend had had taken.  Always a tricky one, trying to acheive what another photographer already has, because every photographer has their own unique stlye, and to be true to ourselves we have to do it our own way, we’re a stubborn bunch!! :-) But, I had a good idea of the kind of feel Ali wanted to acheive!

Have a little peek, we kept the kids focused with a few bribes, well actually quite a lot of bribes, and a few funky props, but they were brilliant……..


Gorgeous little Ethan in the limelight!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot with this gorgeous little darling,  taking the pictures at his home in his own surroundings, allowed me to capture all the details of his nursery, which was decorated beautifully.

And then after all his smiles, and there were loads…. bless him, he fell asleep!!

If you would like to capture images similar to these of your little ones, please take a look at my family page for details of packages.  I look forward to seeing you x